28 December, 2011

Ordinariness is on the tracks for 2012

The invitation recently sent by Angers town hall about the New Year ceremony planned at the Le Quai theatre on January 5th reflects the economic, social and even psychological downward trend the inhabitants are following. Three pictures of Angers travellers in the new trolley are symbolic of the common behaviour of a part of the population.

On the top of the invitation, a picture shows a child, smiling to a passenger. That would not be objectionable if the little boy didn't have its feet on the seat. The education to respectful use of public facilities in daily life may not worry the mother of the child. The inner equipments of the trolley will suffer such little misuses and their maintenance will cost. 

On the middle of the card a father and his daughter are side by side looking at each other. The girl wears headphones, the symbol of a withdrawal of youth increasingly shut to the human environment. Both are dressed in sweat suits, an iconic garment of ordinariness of an increasing number of French people. 

While the Angers agenda encouraged inhabitants to be proud of their city, the New Year card will not make the city proud of its inhabitants.

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