25 December, 2011

A Hackney makes Angers a little bit "Cockney"

 Its blown shape is out of place in that Angers little street among other cars. It looks antique and old fashioned. But, that very gap with nowadays cars gives it a kind of charm, and even, of spell, which comes in Angers, as in many cities in France, from England. That former London cab, formerly, black, is certainly one of the most symbolic objects of UK. Inside the Angers model, all the devices of its former part are still there : the inner window which separate the drivers from the passengers and the fare gauge which calculates the price of the run.

The London cabs are called "Hackney". That name comes... from France where "haquenée" was, a long time ago, a horse of medium size recommended for lady riders. The word "Hackney coach" appeared in UK around- the 17th century. During the 20th century, cars generally replaced horse-drawn models, and the last horse-drawn hackney carriage ceased service in London in 1947.

Maybe the emphasis of UK fragances in Angers down town could go through the use of that car by one or two Angers cab drivers... speaking English. Another icon of UK is displayed in Angers : the red phone cabin.

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