24 December, 2011

Angers city is looking for a four star hotel group for a "majestic" place

  The connection between two different news published by the local medias during the last week may predict Angers city has something to do in hotel business in the years to come. The Maine-et-Loire hotelkeepers federation recently stated that the results of the last summer season were pretty good. About 12% of supplementary overnight stays compared to 2010 were recorded ant the occupancy rate was always above the previous levels. At the same time, Angers town hall decided on the same week that the space located near the Le Quai Theatre, face to the castle, could be partly dedicated to a four stars hotel of 120 rooms.

According to Jean-Claude Bachelot, deputy mayor, "cities corresponding to Angers have a much more important number of four stars rooms". The place is "majestic", points out Jean-Claude Antonini, mayor, referring to the King René castle.
Credit : Wikipedia
One of the positive aspects of the scheme could be its private financing. Only the new congress center, located at the same place, will be financed by public money. Up to now, no hotel group stated it was interested to build a new complex and this could be the most important, and most difficult, aspect of the project. If the business tourism generates more money than the leasure tourism, Angers has to make its industry more competitive. The two issues are closely linked.

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