03 December, 2011

The Ralliement square warms up for Christmas

With the imminence of the Christmas and end of the year festivities, the open-air market set up in Ralliement square give of it a totally different aspect. The temporary wooden huts positioned over the square, but also the giant Christmas tree, as well as the furniture arranged by restaurants on both sides of the Ralliement bring out the feeling of vacuum when the place isn't used for special events. Considered a little bit cold at the time of its inauguration, the square demonstrates its ability to change its face.

Presently the village of small houses gives life and intimacy to the area. Positioned under a geometric plan, the huts invite the pedestrian to a pleasant stroll among lights, colours, products and smells of Christmas. Many pedestrians apparently have fun to wander in this "comic's village" or to stay for a while with a glass of hot wine flavoured with cinnamon. The attractiveness of the village will be more enhanced when the giant Christmas tree stood at the bottom of the Nouvelles Galeries will be illuminated. 

The outdoor fitting of the restaurants contribute to heat up that barren area. Sun umbrellas equipped with heaters hosts consumers eager to have a large view on this liven up panorama. Only music is lacking. Let us hope that the soppy hit of Tino Rossi will not be broadcasted in loops. 

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