02 December, 2011

English speaking films for a week at Les 400 Coups movie theater

Ten English or American movies are now showing at the 400 Coups cinema during an "English speaking movies week" from November 30th to December 6th. This is not the first edition of that event. Last year the 400 Coups initiative had attracted more than 2 600 persons, most of them pupils. The theme of that week is "Politically correct?" and some of the movies will be introduced by teachers in cinema.

Some of the movies are quite old, "Mr Smith goes to Washington", directed by Franck Capra in 1939, others are new : "The King's speech", screaned in 2011 and directed by Tom Hooper. Some of them are iconic, like "Full metal jacket?" of Stanley Kubrick.If all of them are fictions, one is not : "Capitalism : a love story", of Michaël Moore. This movie could explain the theme about "Political correctness" which has, maybe two meanings. 

The "politically correct" denotes language seeking to minimize, in excess, the wording which could offend a category of the population. This behavior will end up to set a intellectual constraint every body must to accept. The second meaning, and perhaps the most insidious, is the language ends up by controlling the thought. In that way, the "Policitical correctness" become a kind of intolerance. So the 400 Coups theater could be right to warn the Angers inhabitants about that danger.

Other weeks dedicated to movies in their original language are planned in 2012.

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