14 December, 2011

The South ring road of Angers is not yet straight forward

The car traffic should continue to increase in Angers and surroundings in spite of the will of public authorities to develop collective mode of transport and the soaring of gas prices in the years to come. The building of a way at the South of Angers city gathered 300 persons at the congress center. If some ecological communities claimed their opposition to such a project, it seems unavoidable that one will be implemented because the inhabitants of Les Ponts-de-Cé city live a permanent traffic jam.

Several projects have been conceived and, because they are all quite complicated because a lot of aspects have to be considered, the attempt of a participatory democracy is not easy. According to the observers, the more likely is a small South link digged on 7,5 km long which would go along La Roseraie district towards Sainte-Gemmes-sur-Loire and Les Ponts de Cé.


The Angers Loire Métropole authority dedicated all a page of its website to numerous surveys and reports. The only certainty would be the increase of the traffic (near a 1/5th) up to 2020 and the project will not be implemented within several years because of the financial constraints. Until this time, the traffic will increase. The Alm authority would be well advised to educate its inhabitants to new way of transportations.

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