13 December, 2011

The confidence for the new Angers West commercial complex is, not at all, granted

Through the local medias, an issue is creeping into the minds of Angers inhabitants regarding the consistency of the projects of public facilities in the city and its surroundings. Between mid-november and mid-december, two of them have been openly discussed by newspapers in totally different fields. After the water complex located on the new Les Hauts de Saint-Aubin district, it's further the next Atoll commercial center to arouse questions and even doubts. Above all when the conjuncture is not favorable.

In an interview published on Monday by the daily Ouest-France, the tone is given as soon as the first question to Daniel Loiseau, in charge of the economic affairs at Angers Loire Métropole, "The Atoll, is it not the delusions of grandeurs?". The second questions is on the same vein : "Is such a concept not a little bit has been?". The third remark is not more tender! Regarding the customers Ouest-France wonders about their behaviour and guesses that "Maybe [the customers will take pleasure to visit the place], but will they buy items?". And so all article long...

Credit : Angers Loire Métropole
The main daily newspaper of France will dedicate an entire week to the issue. The idea on a reevaluation of important projects doesn't come from Ouest-france only. Recently, the daily Angers press wrote about a change of Angers policy regarding a reduction of real estate projects, the most important ambition of the city in the years to come...

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