21 December, 2011

Angers storekeepers wish to open their shops one or two times per year on Sundays.

The Leclerc superstore has definitely closed its doors on Sunday mornings but the debate about the commercial activity that day is not perhaps completely over. The president of Angers retail shopkeepers stated in the local medias the wish of the members of that association the possibility to open their stores on Sundays, above all during the end of year festivities.

According to Jonathan Verdugo, the president of the Angers retail shopkeepers, the regulation authorizes the mayor of a city like Angers to authorize the openings of stores till six times per year. Aware of the sensibility of the debate about the prohibition of opening stores on Sundays, Mr Verdogu warns "We are not in favour of systematic openings of stores on Sundays, we just want to open one or two times a year". But he knows the consumers or simply passers-by are sad when "going for a walk in the Angers downtown on Sundays, they only see the iron curtain shut down".
Credit : Wikipedia

If the public authorities are not very understanding on that issue, the culprit is also on shop owners' side, points out Mr. Verdugo who blames the members of his professional group for "not being sufficiently courageous to open only one or two times a year. They are not respectful toward consumers".

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