15 December, 2011

The district meetings try to stimulate Angers inhabitants participation

The meetings between inhabitants of the different districts of Angers and the mayor, Jean-Claude Antonini, and his team of municipal councillors, is used as a way to demonstrate the results of the citizen participation town hall want to stimulate. Urban projects, economic activity and dynamism of local associations are the main issues of the dialogue Mr Antonini want to maintain with the Angevins. And during the expressions of questions or opinions, the frame of mind of the local representatives and of the inhabitants is getting out.

A kind of uneasiness is the outcome : from the participants and, sometimes, from the municipal officials themselves. The first ask economic activity, jobs and, finally, animation in their district and in their daily life. The persons involved in social communities fear these structures are endangered by the scarcity of public subsidies and their managers have "nightmares" face to the necessary lay-off of employees. For the town, its a dilemma, explained yesterday in Monplaisir, Mr Antonini : "If we grant allocations in the position of the state, this one withdraws silently and lets the burden to the city. But if the city withdraws, it's intolerable and damaging". 

But the mayor "is confident. If the inhabitants are united they will overcome difficulties". From a former doctor, that looks to a placebo.

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