01 June, 2013

Wedding for all : in Angers, the Hommen don't say Amen

Credit Picture : Hommen website
Angers down town streets looked to ressuscitate the past on May 25th at night. About 30 men marching in two rows, their chests undressed, white masks covering part of their faces walked silently. That parade, illuminated by torches and reinforced by stores fronts between the Prefecture mall and the Ralliement square, released a reverential atmosphere : attractive, but, at the same time, cumbersome.

The Hommen members claimed their fierce opposition to the recent law opening the wedding in France to people of the same sex. The movement (contraction of the French word "Hommes" and the English one "Men"?) was constituted because the "Demonstration for all", which took place on March 24th, triggered police violences against some of the participants, they say on their website. The Hommen think the majority of French people is silenced and the project should have been submitted to a referendum.

After their demonstration in the Ralliement square, the Hommen walked towards the Roi René boulevard they obstructed before the intervention of the Angers police. A new demonstration took place five days later.

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