04 June, 2013

The Angers centre parties look divided

The preliminary noises of the Angers municipal elections of spring 2014 become more and more audible. But the different platforms are not visible. And that is the problem : the electoral alliances start before the idea they have to promote... But the assessment is above valuable for the center part of the chessboard : precisely between the Union des démocrates indépendants (Udi) and the Mouvement des démocrates (Modem).

If Udi and Modem agree on the fact they can damage the outlook of success for Christophe Béchu, likely candidate to the office of Angers mayor, they do not measure they are a secondary force for the second round of municipal polls and do not look to be aware that their common impact is rather weak if they competete separately.

The candidate the Udi choose to compete during the next municipal campaign is Laurent Gérault, Angers town councillor, recently blacklisted by the members of the minority group at the town council. But that one has not the confidence of the members of the current centrist opposition members in that assembly who choose Bernard Dupré, member of the Modem...

All the political elements of the 2014 elections will have to make clear their intentions which seems rather different from the issues the Angevins want the next town council to tackle.

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