27 June, 2013

The Ralliement from grey to green

The event "Jardins d'expression" recently which Angers city sets up from June to September at the Pignerolle park is a supple-mentary testimony of the city council's will to make the town a symbol of respect and care for natural environment. A lot of awards have been granted for the action of the city through the maintenance of public parks and even cementaries. But the latest initiative, and surely the most visible, could be seen as a recognition that something could have been better devised.

The Ralliement square, located at the very core of the town, has been many times criticized for its cold and impersonnal atmosphere due to the omnipresence of stone on all the surface of the place. The (appropriate) initiative of the town council to enlive it during summer with flowers, greens and bushes will surely be favourably welcomed by inhabitants but will also live room, when the temporary event will be over, to its original and dark aspect...

That may lead town council, with help of residents, or down town store owners, to plan regular bustles a lot of persons, customers, retailers or simple pedestrians wish. Moreover, that place could become a kind of window display for tourists and attract purchasers desperately waited in times of bad (economic) weather.

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