28 June, 2013

Thaï L'inde, fusion of cuisine and history

Two foreign managers has lifted a veil on Angers past. Their new restaurant and guest rooms is about to open in Deux Haies street, a pedestrian way linking Saint-Laud street and Ralliement square. There, behind a  huge carriage door, Thaï L'Inde previsouly located at the bottom of Roë street, will soon host lovers of fusion cuisine.

If the settings already in the place looks surprising in that mansion built during the XVIth century, the atmosphere of its tiny courtyard, already embellished by a Viriginia creeper and soon a wisteria, reminds the calmness and the serenity of India's and Thïland people from where the new owners are coming from.

Walking along Deux haies street, one of the most lively way of Angers with a lot of exotic bars and cafes, it's strange to find out a so close haven. The Thaï L'Inde mansion is only part of a larger building previous owners separated in two without damaging the architectural cohesion of the façade. Inside, walls breath history with a lot of niches or marks of former doors of windows henceforth closed. The Thaï L'Inde cuisine is since a long time famous in Angers because of the succesful fusion of the flavours of India and Thaï fine food.

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