15 June, 2013

The Euro week for Trélazé

There is something hopeless in France. An unshakeable opinion about the superiority of Paris over the rest of the country, commonly qualified by the French portmanteau word : "province". That kind of disdain is frequently conveyed by Paris medias which make the French opinion. It was recently visible about the Euro basket women 2013 edition organized in several towns of "province" and, among them, Trélazé, a neighbouring city of Angers. where all the French team is about to play the matches of the first round.

In an article published by one of the most important title of the French press,  Le Monde reports about the beginning of the  competition, that June 15th, in Trélazé, "dormitory town of th Angers suburbs"... Nevertheless, the choice of Trélazé and of other towns having the same size is not mere coincidence. The aim of the French bsaket-ball federation was to root that sport in medium towns during the European tournament. Even if those have little stadiums, it is better for the image of that sport that those facilities be full than empty.

For Marc Goua, member of parliament and Trélazé mayor, that competition is, for the city whose stadium Arena Loire (€ 24 millions) hosted a Great-Britain vs. Serbia match on Saturday (the first won)an extraordinary spotlight". All the seats for the French team matches are all sold.
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