29 June, 2013

Warm-up laps after cold days

Just before the summer break, the political forces presumably face to face for the Angers municipal elections of spring 2014 wish to test their supports. On June 26th the mayor, Frédéric Béatse, gathered around 500 persons at Chanzy theatre. That meeting was unofficial. Three days later, it was up to the friends of Christophe Béchu, president of the Conseil général de Maine et Loire, the Ump (Union pour la majorité présidentielle) to invite its Angers members for a "Guinguette du changement" (open air cafe) for a similar meeting around the kiosk of the Mail gardens.

The Ump, whose Mr Béchu is member, launched an appeal to collect more signatures of the "Appel des Angevins pour le changement", a platform in which supporters of Mr Béchu urge that one to be candidate against the Angers mayor. The supporters of that "Appel" say they have already collected more than 1 000 signatures and wished, through the meeting planned on saturday, to gather more and trigger a dynamic favourable to the political change they want for Angers. It is not reported by local medias if that open air meeting attracted a lot of people.

The two main forces of the Angers municipal elections look to be ready for the frenetic pace that event will impose to the city in the months to come. Until now, Angers inhabitants seemed more interested by discount days which have just started under a (at last) sunny weather. The political platforms of the two camps are not yet known. From September, the city pedestrians will surely see other kinds of panels in the front sides of the Angers political stores.

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