06 June, 2013

The bad relationship between Angers city and a store owner on the front window

The tensions which, often, models in France the political relations regarding a wide range of issues, when they don't degenerate in violence..., can also be noticed now in the Angers public life. During the last twelve months, the debate between Angers store owners and the city representatives was already tough. It recently took a bitter tune through the remarks of a bakeries' owner and some of the members of the municipal team.

Since months, that one, Jean-Paul Gaboriau, published on his store front "La Grignotine" in Saint-Aubin street panels of remarks regarding the mayor, Frédéric Béatse as well as two of his town councillors, Jean-Pierre Chauvelon and Jacques Motteau. These visibly have not appreciated that kind of communication what led the city to file a complaint against Mr. Gaboriau.

Whatever be the judgement of the court, that one will not appease the worries of store owners due to  bad economic conditions for their turnover. And the electoral campaign which will start after the summer holidays will not ease the relationship because the candidates will probaly make higher bids to the store owners. It would be highly damaging for the city council, the retailers and their customers that the issue of the down town attractiveness and competitiveness not be dealt.

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