09 June, 2013

Accroche-Coeurs 2013 : the West turn

After the 2012 Accroche-coeurs dedicated mainly to the English dimension of Angers through the Plantagenet dynasty, the 2013 edition will still keep an English speaking touch. The West is the headliner of the next street festival due to take place in Angers from September 6, 7 and 8. The programm has been disclosed recently in town hall by Frédéric Béatse, Angers mayor, with Calixte de Nigremont and Philippe Violanti, in charge of the design of the festivities, mark of the summer holidays' end.

If the definitive programm will be known in July, it seems that the organizers agree to make the Angers castle part of it as well as the surrounding area, including the Saint-Maurice cathedral. After the recent sports days, the designers of the Accroche-Coeurs will temporarily close the speedway below the castle what will contribute to point out the incongruity of such a road in the middle of the town. That will surely help to integrate the Maine banks reconsquest in Angevins' minds.

More than fifty free shows will be displayed during the event with dramatic diversions : the use of the castle as a vulcano and the Saint-Maurice cathedral as a lighthouse. It seems that, for the first time, a private company, Véolia, will sponsor one of the shows, consisting in a giant submarine, moored to the Quai embankment.

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