19 June, 2013

The investment of Vegepolys in a new building should prevent the closure of the Inao bureau

Végépolys, community of professionals from companies, federations, consular chambers, research and training centres, all involved in the vegetable industry, will be set up, in 2015, in a new centre located between Angers and Beaucouzé. That building of 6 000 square meters will host more than 300 researchers and teachers what will enhance the Angers vocation to be a competitiveness cluster at national and european levels. The building will be called Vegetable Institute.

The construction of the place, entirely dedicated to research, will start next month and will cost more than € 20 millions granted by the European Union, the Pays de la Loire region, the Maine-et-Loire Conseil général, Angers Loire Métropole and France. Simultaneously, a Vegetable House will be erected, available in 2014.

Credit Picture : Vegepolys
Those major investments happen at a critical period for the Maine et Loire and Angers positions in the vegetable sector with the possible closure of the Angers bureau of the Institut national des appellations d'origine (Inao), what trigerred an unanimous protest of all the Maine-et-Loire representatives. That "association of companies, research centres and training organisations which commit themselves to a partnership approach aimed at creating synergies within jointly run innovative projects, aims to become a world reference for innovation in the world of plants". Vegepolys represents 4 000 companies and 30 000 jobs.

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