19 June, 2013

Angevine Music Day OK with UK

The 2013 edition of the Music Day ("Fête de la musique") will have in the city a very original touch. If the event has been renamed Angevine Music Day ("Fête de la musique angevine"), the bands registered for the concerts on the evening of June 21 at Ralliement square do not "sound" specifically angevins, even, not angevins at all. "I'm fresh! You are pretty!", "Headshake", "Noddings Head", "The Switchers" and "Black Bubble" are some of the groups which will perform on scenes set up in the central square.

Those are not the single UK flavor of the evening. In most of the bars and cafes in down town Angers (some of them having an English name : James Joyce, Matt Murphy's, Dublin), other bands will play that evening very different forms of music (The James Joyce will dedicate the party to "la chanson française" with Kass Rolls!). And in other places of the town, the inhabitants will be able to become initiated to dance and the city website sumed up these initiatives "Let's dance". No word of a lie!

That Music Days, sorry Angevine Music Day, will have (maybe) the favour of a clement weather (no London weather! Thanks) and surely a favourable calendar because the following day is Saturday. So the party should not be spoiled by the necessity to be back for work the very following morning.

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