26 June, 2013

Angers not endangered on financial issues, points out Le Point

According to a survey published on June 20th by the French weekly Le Point, Angers is one of the best managed towns in France. If the comparison between countries focuses on the level of national debt and solvency, the ranking of the French cites uses those criterias which point out the favourable situation of Angers. That city 's debt is € 1 539 per inhabitant, a better position than Nantes or Le Mans. And Angers has a good grade for its solvency, i.e. the ability to refund that debt.

Regarding some of the other criterias, Le Point considers Angers builts confidence. In the capital expenses who finance the facilities like swimming pool, theatre or industrial redevelopment, Angers gets the best grade (10 points). It is almost the case with the wage costs (€ 752 per inhabitant, a lower level in comparison with other Western cities). The structural rigidity of the town (i.e. the financial room for manoeuvre once all the expenses are paid) is appreciated by Le Point which gives 8 out of 10 . The only less favourable ranking is the local taxes (excluding companies) paid by each inhabitant : € 705.

Thirty eight towns of more than 100 000 inhabitants have been gauged by Le Point and Angers, is the third, equal with Le Havre. If these results are got in spite of economic difficulties, an improvement of the situation would probably make them better. So the city council knows what to do.

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  1. En faite les données ne sont pas tout a fait exact, en effet, Angers "délègue" ses gros emprunts a ALM ( Angers Loire Métropole) donc effectivement les chiffres ne sont pas complet
    Fabien REBOURS