31 May, 2013

"Thank you for smoking", elsewhere

Only five days missed to Angers city to twin the "Day of the awareness to cleanliness"" planned by that authority on May 25th and the world "No tobacco day" which took place on May 31st. In Angers, it would have been appropriate to add those two events because, one of the main reasons of the dirtiness of the town, in spite of the resources and the care dedicated to the maintenance of the public areas, is... the tobacco.

How many cigarettes buts are daily thrown away by tactless smokers? Streets, pavements, terraces of cafes, even fitted with giant ashtrays, beds of flowers of public gardens, entrances of offices, surroundings of schools, universities, all publics surfaces of the town are polluted and made dirty. And, when the weather is rainy, as it was during the last three months, all that filth goes to the gutters then the sewers before the sewage water facilities. Those purify the water that the households have to pay...

The problem does't seem to be taken in account by town hall whose website mentions graffitis, animals excrements, wastes, cumbersome items but not cigarette butts (only the posters used during the campaign for town cleanliness did) as sources of disorders. But cleanliness is everybody's business, even smokers.

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