04 June, 2013

Angers Loire Métropole new owner of the Technicolor site

Credit Picture : Angers Loire Métropole
After several months of waiting, Angers Loire Métropole, the community of towns around Angers, learnt on June 4th, that the former Technicolor site would become its property where it could undertake a reindustrialization. The bankrupcy judge of Nanterre has decided the transfer of property of the area from the Technicolor group to the Angers authority. That one will have to accept that purchase on June 13th for a cost of € 6.5 millions instead of € 14 millions as it was previously offered.

If the Angers Loire Métropole are now free to devise a project, they will have also the time to do so. The surface, 13,5 ha, is much more important than necessary to host the two, maybe three companies which announced they will set up there a subcontraction activity. Regarding the employment perspectives, they are presently limited to 80 persons, a figure well below of the last 300 Technicolor employees who left that site in October 2012. The Angers Loire Métropole authority also bought the industrial equipment for € 1 million.

It is difficult to predict if the reindustrialization project will use all the surface. Formerly located at the border of Angers when it was erected, the factory is, more than 50 years later, completely surrounded by residential area. So it is not impossible that part of if could be used for other purposes what the Angers Loire Métropole representatives have always denied. Regarding the reindustrialization, "We just have jump over a new step and still working on", said Daniel Loiseau, in charge of economy at Alm.

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