05 June, 2013

Ralliement square : the marriage which divides

If many Angers inhabitants believed the central square of their city was lifeless, they could change their mind thanks to the opening of the marriage for every people, whatever be the sexual leaning. But that the widening of civil unions is rather, in Angers as in many other places, synonym of... disunion of the people, some being in favor of that widening and others against. 

That division was clearly visible on June 5th in the evening on Ralliement square. Two groups of people were face to face in the bottom of the square between the tramway station and the fountains. There, a brass band of persons approving the law permitting the wedding for everyone played music against a sit-in of watchmen and watchwomen demanding the withdrawal of the law. Notes against words. It was like a game betwen persons preventing others to speak.  

A row of policemen, with dogs in some of their cars, separated to the two sides whose the most radical had a little fight sooner... That evening is the fifth to gather opponents to the law, but the first to degenerate, said witnesses. That day, the Ralliement square badly bore its name. 

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