02 June, 2013

Shot in Angers, "Demi-soeur" directed by Josiane Balasko, soon in the cinemas

Within a few days, cinemas will screen "Demi-soeur", a movie directed by the French actress Josiane Balasko, partly shot in Angers in June 2012. "Demi-soeur" tells the story of a woman of 60 years old, Nénette, mentally disabled, who discovers she has a half-brother. That one, performed by Michel Blanc, is a chemist and lives in... Angers.

The film crew shot the Angers scenes of the movie in the historic district of the Cité (Bout du monde walkway and Donadieu de Puycharic street)  and at Saint-Laud railway station. Josiane Balako and her technicians (the were fifty) worked mainly by night. The scenes needed some authorizations of town hall given the use of public places and the presence of noise during the shot.

According to the studio manager, the shooting was a "real pleasure" because all the official authorizations were granted immediately. The Angers mayor, Frédéric Béatse, met the film crew. The previous movie shot in Angers region was "La princesse de Montpensier", directed by Bertrand Tavernier.

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