11 June, 2013

The other "Terra botanical" of Angers

One of the characteristics Angers puts ahead in the field of communication is its n
atural environment. More than ever, the sustainable development has a central part in its policy. In urbanism, economic policy, education and of course tourism, the nature which surrounds Angers is wisely used as an asset. The city has also some magnificent gardens inside its limits and the most dramatic is the botanical garden, called the "Jardin des plantes".

Set up in 1790 and 1791, the place has all the characteristics of a English landscape park, a style which emerged in England in the early 18th century and spread across Europe, replacing the more formal, symmetrical "jardin à la française" of the previous century. The English garden displayed an idealized view of nature.

The Angers Jardin des plantes has all the elements of the English garden and especially an organization around a waterfall and the presence of points of view where painters would like to set up their easels. Pond, greens, beds of flowers and ruins are elements artists would love to paint. So the Angevins are to a certain extent
part of that nation of gardeners...

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