08 June, 2013

Illegal parkings in the lens of town hall

The problem was highly visible since months in La Röe street, and especially during the weekends. In spite of repeted warnings of Angers city and the fact nothing has never been set up along that street for vehicles, drivers still continued to park their cars on the pavements designed for pedestrians and cycles... So town hall, already reactive to give fines, is going to implement a new device : the video-verbalization. From september, cameras will observe drivers and  automatically will record their license numbers. The fines will be sent by post office to the owners of the vehicles.

If such a device, similar to fixed radars (whose existence is not always indicated to drivers), will surely put in order the traffic in that street, its implementation to more serious offenses than simple illegal parking would be justified... In such conditions, why the debate which livened up about video monitoring people in places where aggressions are common (railway station, squares, open air markets, school surroundings or streets where cafes host people until late hours) should not conclude that the device is the good way to prevent and help to punish more important offenses?

It is indeed less serious to park one's car on a pavement (sometimes for a moment or for emergency reasons) than to steal a wallet, to assault somebody or to deal drugs. Angers city, which announced several months ago that incivilities would be repressed is now led to put its will into practice.

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