07 June, 2013

Worries of Angers and Maine-et-Loire representatives about the Inao presence

The Inao Paris headquarters (Wiki)
The Angers agency of the the Intitut national de l'origine et de la qualité (Inao) worries the city, agglomeration and Maine-et-Loire main representatives.

The board of that authority will decide on June 11th if the Angers delegation located in Plantagenet street will be closed. The Inao is an orgnization charged with regulating French agricultural products with Protect Designations of Origins (PDOs) and is controlled by the French ministry of agriculture. Both Angers city and Angers Loire Métropole as well as the Conseil général expressed their disagreement regarding such a project.

All of them criticize that potential decision. According to the city and the agglomeration, "the Maine et Loire Pdo represent half of the total PDOs of the Loire Valley" and look very angry by the possible transfer of the Angers mission to Sancerre or Tours. For the Conseil general, "Nantes would not have any legitimacy to be the  flag-carrier of that activity". If such a decision was passed on, it would be a hard blow to all that authorities efforts. Indeed, after private companies disappearances, it would be the turn of a public one decided by the government.

The main Maine et Loire representatives, in spite of their political differences, wrote a letter to the Agriculture ministry to ask an adjournment of the decision which, if implemented, would be a supplementary indication that Angers has to improve its attractiveness. A petition is avalaible under Facebook.


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