15 June, 2013

The first "Marriage for all" celebrated in Angers town hall today

It will not only be the first wedding between two persons of the same sex celebrated in Angers town hall long history. This is also the union between two people of different countries. One is French, the second is American. The law permitting the union between men or women is legal in France since about a month while the question is far from be solved in the United States where 17 states out of 50, each federate state having, instead of the federal state (those having the ability to legislate about that issue), allows marriage between men or women.

The celebration of that union follows months of disputes in Angers. The Quazar community of the city has been very active in favor of the opening of wedding for everybody. That stance was nevertheless be contested by other communities against the law about the marriage for all, France choose on May 17th. Demonstrations against that choice take place every Wednesday evening in Ralliement square with the "Watchers" and "Homen".

The Angers town hall didn't (yet?) communicated about that event which is now, from a legal point of view, just personnal matters. A lot of bridal ceremonies were planned that Saturday in Angers town hall : "Always a bridesmaid, never the bride".

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