29 February, 2012

Angers New Banks, the Grether scheme could be in the lead

A trend in favor of one of the three architects and urbanists teams preselected by Angers city in order to design a project of reconquest of the Maine banks river is confirmed. A debate in the Development Council, an authority set-up ten years ago with persons coming from different backgrounds of the civil society in order to light up the decisions to take by Angers town councillors, has clearly shown a preference for the Grether team survey.

The issue of the "Angers New Banks", the official name of the project, had yet been displayed during several weeks in January and February in the main hall of Le Quai theatre, near the Maine. The exhibition of the threee projects has clearly pointed out,because of the crowd, the interest of inhabitants for the part the Maine could have in the city during the XXIst century. According to some observers, the Grether design is the most appreciated by the Development council, because it has well integrated the absolute necessity to open alternative ways for the car traffic.

The project plans a huge transformation, due to be implemented in may be twenty years, of the banks (mainly the left). The most dramatic change is the total disappearance of the express way and of its slip roads un underground approaches. That will be replaced by a garden with paths floded with little slate walls. The river itself will be crossed by new bridges designed for pedestrians. A lift will be set up at the bottom of the cliff under the castle. the most innovative part is the redevelopment of little islands along the present Felix Faure bank, which will host gardeners and families.

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