28 February, 2012

A month after the former mayor left office, there is still bitterness at the Angers town council

JC Antonini
A month after the resignation of Jean-Claude Antonini, there is always some bitterness inside the majority side of town hall and between the two main candidates to the succession of the former mayor, Frédéric Beatse and Jean-Luc Rotureau. According to some sources well connected to Angers town councillors and departments in charge of different aspects of the town management, the second stays angry about the conditions surrounding Mr Antonini left office while the first recognized officially he was victim of "insults".

Fr. Beatse
That could lead to "primaries" inside the majority side to choose the candidate who will campaign to the office of mayor from 2014 to 2020. But another event, the presidential and legislative elections, could have a negative impact on the relationship inside the majority camp in the municipal council. If the left wins the presidential and the legislative polls in 2012, the credibility of the French left could vanish because of the seriousness of the economic crisis in France and abroad. The negative effects of Angers primaries within the left side could be amplified with the difficulties the French left could face and will hamper its chances to win in Angers.
JL Rotureau
So the opposition side could reap the benefits of the situation. For many people, according to the same sources, the resignation of Mr Antonini was a surprise, included for himself who didn't plan to go so rapidly. In fact, Mr Antonini could have been hustled toward the exit by a new generation close to the French Socialist Party who ordered him to leave office.

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