21 February, 2012

The giant Angers commercial complex Atoll will open the first Wednesday of April

Atoll, the new commercial centre of West Angers will open on April the 4th instead of March 21st, day of the spring. The postponement is due to bad weather which slowed down the work. But the opening will still take place on a Wednesday, leisure day for youngs. The complex covers 91 000 square meters, which 71 000 will be commercial surfaces. Atoll is as wide as the France Stadium, near Paris and is three times the size of Géant Casino. The shape of Atoll is elliptic. A garden will be created in its center.

The design of the commercial complex is very linked with environment regulations : noise emissions, energy savings, rain collection, solar energy and so. The work had started in 2009. The overall cost estimations were above 170 millions € (in 2008). Managed by the Phalsbourg Company, the commercial park will host more than fifty stores, mainly dedicated to the home universe and wil give jobs to 1 000 person of which 400 will be pure job creations.

The main brand will be Alinéa, a direct competitor to the Ikea's stores of Nantes and Tours. Alinéa is already present in Rennes. Clothing stores will open in Atoll but their number will not exceed 8% in order to avoid a competition with down town clothing stores. Several places of restauration will open their doors, one of whom is new in Angers (Starbucks). 

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