13 February, 2012

Made in Angers thinks about the current world economic transformations and its local consequences

Made in Angers, the annual event dedicated to favour better knowledge from the Angers inhabitants toward local firms organized on February 13th at the congress center a conference regarding the economic transformations and their consequences for the territory. Businessmen, some having scientific responsabilities, and local representatives, at the Angers city and at the Maine et Loire Chamber of commerce and industry tried to identifiy what are the present trends in world economy and the assets and weaknesses of the Angers area.

The Qooq tablet, from Eolane
Regarding the world challenge of low cost countries, the observers think the odds for Angers to fill the gap is impossible. Morover the territory, as many others in France, has to face a national challenge : the weight of Ile-de-France which is the only place in France having an international size. Regarding Nantes, Angers has no choice but to join its efforts with those of the neighbour. But all the opportunities are not yet vanished, as illustrated the chairman of the Eolane group who created, in cooperation with other regional firms, an association Loire electronic application valley in order to be spotted abroad. And it works, he said, displaying "Qooq" a new tablet designed for kitchen purposes.

After the disasters Angers experimented a few years ago with the disappearances of Nec, Motorola, ACT, Packard Bell (till now), the guests of the conference apparently didn't learnt a lesson : nothing has been done regarding the forecast about new skills allowing people to get jobs in the future. Above all, the way the social, economic and administrative authorities look the economy could have to be reconsidered. A trade union leader pointed out that one of the forces of the territory was the dialogue. "It was useful when we decided to prevent a superstore to open on sunday mornings...". The economic recovery isn't yet in sight.

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