19 February, 2012

The attempt to give name to Maine-et-Loire inhabitants should join the Angers policy

The daily Ouest-France, the most important newspaper of the country, which reports news in many Western France cities, and among them, Angers, has launched a few weeks ago an inquiry about the interest to give a name to the Maine-et-Loire inhabitants. Apparently, that idea had not (till now?) triggered the interest of its readers : sixty persons have submitted an idea about the name the Maine et Loire inhabitants should choose. 

More than 15 years ago, an idea of the same type was briefly discussed at the Conseil général of the Maine-et-Loire, the authority in charge of the whole department. The principle of such a debate was quickly given up. If the issue has, now, more chance to last, it could be useful to think about the advantages the new name could bring for a better fame of the Maine et Loire. Angers, a year ago, choose the brand Angers Loire Valley and, after months of implementation, the change could work rather well in the number and the length of stayings of people for business or leisure in the city.

Most of the names suggested by the readers of Ouest France are not very groundbreaking : at best they try to join Maine et Loire rivers in the same name "Mainoligériens"... Beacause of the history of the main city of Maine-et-Loire, Angers, linked to United Kingdom history (a king of Anjou was also king of England) and its choice toward Angers Loire Valley, it could be wise to choose a name which reflects the relationship of the Maine-et-Loire province with the English civilization : is "Anglomen" suitable?

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