18 February, 2012

England on Angers screens

Several movies having England history as background are now showing in the Angers cinemas. "The iron lady", starring Meryl Streep, who depincts Margaret Thatcher and England as it was during hers years, is screened at the Gaumont Multiplexe and the Les 400 coups (in the late in its original version). 

Another period of England's history is described through the spy film "Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy", from a John Le Carré's book, refers to the political climate in england during the cold war between West an East. More remote from the contemporary time is "The war horse" about England during the first world war. And, at least, a new episode of the Sherlock Holmes inquiries is also in town's cinemas.

So Angers looks, presently, quite interested by scenes of life in the neighbouring country. Not other in Europe benefits of the same interest in spite of the very different political approaches of economic and political world problems. May be Angers viewers are looking for another way of understanding the evolution of their environment? What is may be the most intriguing is their interst for Maggie who was, politically, at the opposite of the choice Angers and French people made at that time (the Frech government was socialist, and the Torries were in 10 Downing street).

The same mood for England history was visible a year ago with "The king's speech" which staged the stammer of Georges VI. But the most succesfull movie is definitely a French one : "The artist"...

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