03 February, 2012

The regulation on the web angers Anonymous on Ralliement square

The Anonymous, a protest movement against all forms of censorship on internet, had called for a demonstration at the end of January on Ralliement square, and is now planning another gathering on February the 11th. The title "Anonymous" comes from the fact the activists wear a mask during their demonstrations and are dressed on the same way : black suit, white shirt and black tie. It is possible to join them by registering (under a true identity?) on Facebook.

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Since 2006, the year of the creation of Anonymous, the movement demonstrates and denounces all threats aginst freedom of expression and calls for civil desobedience. Its members demonstrated later agains the scientology church because they considered its method was a mind manipulation. Their mask is originated from the character V, in the movie Vendetta, screened in 2006. In France, the Anonymous launched attacks against the presidency's website and the weekly news magazine L'Express.

This kind of gathering through the web is gaing ground in Angers. Every year, spontaneous gathering are designed by that way ; most of the time, it is for a giant drinking party. The demonstration called in Angers was against the Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement discussed the same day byt the European Parlement. The issue opposes the defenders of the copyright and the defenders of the downloading.

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