07 February, 2012

Salty debate between Angers representatives after the snowfalls

The snowfall invades the Angers town council. The apparent difficulties for the city to overcome the huge quantities of snow in the streets reported previously were resented by Angers inhabitants and have triggered a "snowball battle" between representatives of the minority and majority sides in the town council. All agree about the problem the drivers, pedestrians, coming in Angers for work or studies, face to get around. 

The technical department of town hall recognizes that it has been caught out by events : " the snow dropped much more quicky than predicted", adding that a second snowfall had ruined the results of desalination : "The salt put down has been quickly recovered without the necessary time to take effects". The notice of the minority looks true : "all Sunday long, even the main ways of traffic were snowy. The surroundings of the railway station was a ice rink".

The inhabitants' judgment is categoric : according to a poll, more than 80% of them think that street were unappropriately cleaned on Monday morning. The majority of town hall council has been slipped by the snow.

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