20 February, 2012

The spring cleaning of the Angevins' mess

With the arrival of spring, the parks and gardens department of Angers city starts a new campaign of nature care. The work consists mostly to revive the beds of flowers, to prune the shrubs but above all to clean up the spaces devoted to the pleasure of inhabitants from the pollution so many people let there behind them. Along the Saint-Michel boulevard, there is, in the middle of the way a narow line of strawberry trees totally invaded by papers, plastic bags, cigarettes packaging and buts, these men should be discouraged to revive.

Are the Angers people aware of the work these public employees have to do because of their carelessness, offhand manners and even contempt for their task? The Angevins inhabitants seem to believe they can afford to pay people for their own standing : the right to throw away garbages as if that behaviour was a sign of distinction. With the financial impoverishment of people and public authorities, another phenomena is occuring : the development of self pride in distincts generations. 

 In regard to the costs of that work, town hall should implement fines for these unappropriate behaviours because, apparently, the persons responsibles of these offenses don't understand the good sense and don't respect their fellow Angevins.

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