05 February, 2012

Angers "snow down" on Sunday

It was really a special day. Not only because Angers met abundant snowfalls during the previous night and a part of the day, but mainly because of the snowy atmosphere which reigned over the city all day long : a cocoon-like ambiance where all the movements are muffled, slowed down and made less secure. Pedestrians, bikers, drivers, all Angers inhabitants having to move on Sunday looked awkward. But it was nevertheless a lively atmosphere : everyone feeling more vulnerable to nature feels and behaves like a child.

The traffic was evidently slowed down : the cars were driven more cautiously than usual, because or the lack of security on the way but above all because of the wish of numerous drivers to have a look on an unusual landscape : fixed, deserted and silent. The good reactions are not automatic : in some cases, cars abruptly accelerated were impossible to drive. Ina short period of time, severeal vehicles were pushed by people. The snow, almost 4 cm high, made cars spin on the way while families going fo a walk held the opportunity to get out luges for their kids.

Apparently, the Angers town hall department in charge of cleaning the streets faced some difficulties to cope with all the ways needed to be cleared off. At noon, the main streets of downtown were not got rid out of the snow. But the risky period is about to come. On Monday, a working day, everybody will have to move in spite of the frost.

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