26 February, 2012

In Angers : inappropriate driving and moral misconduct are on the tracks

If the trolley is a pleasant mode of transport because it looks to slip through the streets, the green ways and the crossroads, its charm comes partly from its ability to pass on very different kinds of ways : surfaces of slates, asphalt, cobblestones and lawns. This last type of urban redevelopment is probably the most harmonious : thanks to the tramway, nature invites itself in Angers town. But this delicate green ribbon is also very vulnerable, and some dishonest drivers should remember of that.

Between the Strasbourg and Jean XXIII stations, a large part of the grassed way has been completly destroyed by unscrupulous persons. The lawn has been totally devastated by tyreprints like scars on a pretty face. Are these inhabitants (?) aware of the time, the know-how, the work, the money necessary to realize those aesthetic, almost artistic, developments. 

Some Angers inhabitants, who live in a city which tries to bet on sustainable growth and nature conservation, but who forget nature is a living material, apparently don't care. Such ruthless behaviour of people contrasts with the town policy made of sustainable disctricts and so... Town hall should recall that solidarity is, first of all, a care for the respect of public goods and apply penalties to individuals having an "inappropriate driving".

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