10 February, 2012

The Ralliement square doesn't go round

The merry-go-round of the Ralliement square... doesn't go round. Set-up there since a few months, its owner hoped to stay till march but apparently, and for reasons the city of Angers didn't expressed, the merry-go-round will have to go. The owner doesn't understand the stance of Angers town hall and makes public its disappointment on posters around the carousel. 

The lovers of Ralliement square aren't lucky. A few weeks ago, the news kiosk stopped its business for insufficient sales. At that time, the manager complained (on the same way the merry-go-round did) about the policy of town hall which denied him the right to set-up his kiosk close to the trolley station or, at least, which refused to adjust its front side toward the trolley line.

This gives to the inhabitants the feeling Angers city doesn't have a very precise idea about the part the Ralliement square, located at the core of the city, is assigned. According to many Angers medias, the place looks cold (especially now), mineral and monotonous. For such reasons, the city should try to make it more eventful. But the project is not clear, if there is one. 

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