15 February, 2012

Angers Live , a new challenge in the local medias market

Crédit Pictures Angers Live

 English will be more visible in the Angers medias. Angers live, a new app available on iPhone, iPad and Android, gives to its users all the news about the city through articles, videos and local services, as well as live reports from users, discount tickets and geolocating directory. Radios : all the local stations which broadcast in the city are gathered on a page. All the videos regarding the city (sports, weather, urban policies) are displayed. 

One the most innovative functions is Angers live allows everyone to become, all the time, a publisher and ads its own chronicle to the city news. The users becomes actor and may share its emotions or surprises with the internet community of Angers live. A space for the debates about topics has been set up : everybody can express a point of view ( but the direct democracy is sometimes damaging).

That new media is an additional clue about the changes Angers is facing regarding its medias. If the tv model was not, up to now, profitable and if the paying newspapers are challenged by free models in kiosks and in internet, there are nevertheless ongoing changes. After Rennes and Nantes, Angers is the third city covered by France Live

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  1. I cannot find advice about English versions of this app on the app itself or the developers website. I may not be looking in the right place.