02 February, 2012

The new brand Angers Loire Valley has its first positive consequences and should inspire the city more widely

The business tourism in Angers takes off. According to the Angers Convetion Bureau of Angers Loire Métropole, the amount of financial fallout on the city soared in 2011 : +20% at 60 millions €. While 300 possible business events have been dealt in 2009, they were 800 last year and about 70% of that amount will give tangible results.

Two factors could explain such an evolution : the set up of the Angers Convention Bureau in 2009 and the new English brand Angers Loire Métropole points up : Angers Loire Valley. That one is not the unique Englicised trade mark the city uses for its promotion "Meet in Angers" or "Anger get surprised" are others catchwords on the French and English version of Angers Loire Valley website soon redesigned.

 Such a policy had been widely criticized at the time of its implementation. But the present results could claim some Angers inhabitants were wrong to disapprove the new orientation. Moreover it could prompt other websites Angers city is launching to get more Englicized. For example, the new website angers-development.com launched by the Angers economic development agency is only in French! And the ultimate is the website talks of a new facility for outside companies : " Accueil city". Tell it in English please!

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