11 February, 2012

Angers Loire Métropole : the capital budget decreases while the operating budget soars

Credit : Photo: Samuel Meeldijk/Angers Loire Métropole
For the Angers firms, a new turn in fiscal pressure is in view. The Angers Loire Métropole (Alm) council voted on February 9th an increase of the transportation tax. Paid by the Angers private firms and public administrations employing at least 10 persons, the rate of the tax will increase from 1,8% to 2%. The financial receipt generated by that rise sums 4,5 millions €. The reason of that increase is in "the transports offer in the Angers metropolis which considerably grew with the launch of the first tramway line [and because] last year the firms saw their fiscal charges decrease...", according to André Despagnet, deputy chairman of Alm in charge of finances.

So the announcement of the (former) mayor of Angers and still chairman of Alm, Jean-Claude Antonini regarding the stability of the fiscal pressure was not true. Through the local companies, the Angers employees or job seekers will bear the burden because the 4,5 millions € will not be converted in local wages. Moreover, the Alm council claimed he voted "a budget of savings", what the representatives of the minority in the council even recognized!

But a study of the previous budgets (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011) indicates exactly the opposite. If the total of the budget decreases (463 millions in 2010, 422 millions in 2011, 367 millions in 2012) as well as the capital budget (245 millions, 176 millions, 113 millions €), the operating budget follows an opposite trend : 188 millions in 2008, 212 in 2009, 218, in 2010, 246 in 2011 then 254 millions € this year : 35% in 4 years! Where are the savings?

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