09 February, 2012

Consequence of the cold, Angers inhabitants deprived of water because of frosted pipings

The cold could be tougher in 2012 compared to previous period because of a little phenomena which occured on Thursday on one of the main avenues of Angers. Going by bike in down town on the afternoon an inhabitant saw an unusual jet of water on a pavement located to a crossroad of that avenue. That inhabitant (a lady) met a employee of the technical department of the city who, after having decline his duty to intervene (because the location of the problem was not in his territorial area) agreed to call by phone the right collegue.

Coming back from town, the lady met a team of the water company working on the filling-up of the piping : several lorries and an excavator were gathered on the place, sign-posted by flashing lights. Started at about 4 pm, the work endend at 10 pm after several homes of that avenue were deprived of water. The frost of the piping was the origin of the problem. The temperature that day never were above 0.

The meteo department forecast lower temperatures on Friday. Some city pavements, nevertheless very followed by inhabitants were, on the first hours of Thursday covered by iced snow. However, employees of the city were at work. In such snowfalls become requent, towh hall wil have to reconsider the human and material resources it can dedicate to solve the consequencies.

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