08 February, 2012

Removed from Angers streets, snow still disturbs and gets angry inhabitants

There is still a lot of work to do. If the snow removal is visible on the streets, it is not the case of the pavements, even on the most popular places of Angers. If the task is probably difficult with automatic engines because of the cars parked along the streets, the pedestrians do not understand why the city has not already clean the pavements by hand. "It is pitiful", complained a (young) lady trying to cross a patch of ice like a tightrope walker.

The difficulty to remove the snow is probably true because on pedestrianized streets, it has been put in small piles with shovels. Its the case in Saint-Laud street, but the pavements along Carnot boulevard are entirely frosted and their uneven surface surely doesn't make easy to walk on it. Most surprising is the situation on Ralliement square, near the railway station : some tongues of ices still covers the surface. And at the Molière station the access for disabled persons are completely impassable.

The cold makes the people cautious in their movements and that prevents casualties. And may in a few days, the snowfall will have fainted from the streets. It is not sure the experience will do the same in minds of Angers inhabitants. It is desirable lesson be learnt by the city authority because snow will be back again, soon or later. 

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