25 February, 2012

A social problem in Atoll construction site lights up the Europeanization of Angers

Sometimes facts without any relation occur at the same time and ligth up each other. One of the companies which got contracts on the construction site of the future commercial complex, Atoll, located near Angers, apparently fired several of its employees, without paying them their wages of January and February and even the cost of the cottage it hired for the lenght of their work. These men are carpenters and they are Polish.

At the same time that news was published by a local media, another was revealed by the same newspaper (Ouest-France) regarding the evolution of the unemployment rate in Angers. According to Pôle Emploi, the public agency in charge of unemployed persons, the rate of jobless has increased by 9% during the last twelve months.

So, several conclusions are possible. One is the scarcity for a local, but important, construction site, of carpenters in the Angers province to do the job. Another is local wages do not compete with wages of Eastern European countries. How, in a region where the rate of unemployment is largely above the French average, is it necessary to recruit workers so far? The managers of the project have promised the fact will not take a toll.

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