27 February, 2012

Angers tries to wean inhabitants from daily tv consumption for a while

Angers city, through its districal houses, has invited a retired Canadian teacher, native of the French speaking province of this country, to awaken the inhabitants, adults and youngs, to the interest of a moderate consumption of tv programs. For the city, the relation between teenagers and tv set is a very important aspect of the education of the young Angers inhabitants.

In fact, tv could play a more important part of the education of the people to the foreign languages apprenticeship. Most of the movies broadcasted on tv programs are in French while, in others countries, like Nordic countries, or the US, teenagers can't see foreign movies translated in their own mother tongue so they must cope with, most of the time, English.

Angers city could be a place quite open-minded to foreign languages especially English. Many ads in the streets are written in English and sometimes, complete sentences are displayed on shops front sides in that language. The Les 400 coups cinema releases foreign movies in English and Angers spectators apparently like that. In fact the tv programs don't always open the minds. With the present presidential campaign, the people are very attracted by their own country. That is absolutely right but France and French aren't alone in the world.

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