14 November, 2011

Unaesthetic use of balconies depreciate Angers' social housings

Old buildings
The social buildings are often characterized by the way the tenants use their flats. A good example of that case is located along Bédier boulevard where old buildings have seen their front side completely re-designed. Loggias and balconies stand out against the black and white surfaces of the building testifying the care dedicated to the conception of the renovation works.

Renovated buildings

Some of the tenants have not the same care or didn't notice the efforts of their lessor. Sometimes, the balustrades are disguised with an ugly screen breaking up the harmony of the building front side. Other tenants have simply set up a stays on which a satellite dish has been fixed. Some use their open air extension to display as flags their most personnal washings...

This practice, common in old and renovated social buildings, only leads to depreciate the building and those who live there. The lessors, if they are not entitled to compel the sober use of the flats by their tenants, should recall them that the social harmony doesn't exist without discreet behaviour.

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