18 November, 2011

The Angers Cesbron solar powered headquarter reflects the economic priority of tomorrow

A visit of the new headquarter of the Cesbron Group located in an industrial area at the East of Angers gives to the visitors an idea of the world which awaits them : a world where savings will be central. If the architecture of the building, outside and inside, is uncluttered and functional, it is, above all, technically astonishing with its heat devices, light systems which generate, at worst a very low conception of energy, at best the production of the power needed! The inspiration which preceded the construction is revealing of the worrying of the priority of tomorrow.

Savings are of course intimately linked to the protection of environment and the limitation of natural resources but the visit of the Cesbron Group recalls that the first meaning of savings is economical : there are no button switches in the offices of the two stages building nor in the corridors. Every emission of heat, for example in the informatics room, is totally salvaged and recycled. The solar panels, under different forms, are everywhere : on the roof, on the outside wall, and the presence of a pond which circles the building enhance the intensity of solar rays.

The regulation of heat is also a return to old uses : the temperature ranges from 19° to 26°, meaning that inside that scale people have to adapt their dressing. That was the rule formerly and that will be the rule in France tomorrow.

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