21 November, 2011

The Angers trade unions finally absent in Leclerc superstore

After they warned the Leclerc superstore of Saint-Jean-de-Linières and its customers of their intention to block its accesses in case of an opening on Sunday morning, the Angers trade-unions' militants were, finally, absent. Apparently their message was even not listened by inhabitants of the neighbouring went at the parking lot and the departments of the store as they did on previous Sundays.

One of the questions raised by this absence is why these leaders didn't come? Maybe the answer lays in a recent awareness that, on that day, many businesses, and not only in the food field, are running : garden centres like Jardiland or Truffaut, not far from the Leclerc superstore, were active, while in the food chain, all the Carrefour Market and of course the very popular open-air market of the Monplaisir district (on street spaces rented by the city of Angers) was as attended as usual.

In fact, it seems difficult for these trade union leaders (and for the Angers Loire Métropole representatives who launched an appeal to the prefect) to justify the right of work for some and to prohibit it for others. Moreover, how to stop customers to purchase and who is authorized to tell them what they have to do or not to do during Sundays. The Angers trade unions leaders didn't venture to do so on Sunday because they don't work on that day.

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